This page lists software needed to install and use the LSST Science Pipelines.

Platform compatibility

The LSST Data Management reference platform is CentOS 7-1611. This is the platform we officially develop, test, and operate with.

Besides the reference platform, we generally expect the Pipelines to also compile and run under CentOS 6, Debian Linux (including Ubuntu), and macOS. See LSST Stack Testing Status reports of building LSST software on various platforms.

System prerequisites


New since 14.0: The minimum cmake version required to compile the Stack is 2.8.12.

Filesystem prerequisites

Filesystems used for compiling the Stack and hosting output data repositories must support the flock system call for file locking. Local filesystems virtually always have this support. Network filesystems are sometimes mounted without such support to improve performance; the output of the mount command may show the nolock or noflock option in those cases.

Python dependencies

The LSST Science Pipelines require Python 3.6 or newer.

Both the and lsstsw-based installation methods provide dedicated Miniconda environments pre-loaded with Python dependencies. If you opt to use your own Python, you can re-create the default Python environment made by and lsstsw with these Conda environments:

These conda environments are maintained in the lsst/scipipe_conda_env repository.

Optional dependencies

We use SAOImage DS9 to display images for debugging.