The ap_association package provides tools for associating DIAObjects to DIASources, persisting this association, and computing DIAObject summary statistics.


lsst.ap.association is developed at You can find Jira issues for this module under the ap_association component.

Python API reference

lsst.ap.association Package


getCcdVisitSchemaSql() Define the schema for the CcdVisit table.
make_dia_forced_source_schema() Define and create the minimal schema required for a DiaForcedSource.
make_dia_object_schema([filter_names]) Define and create the minimal schema required for a DIAObject.
make_dia_source_schema() Define and create the minimal schema required for a DIASource.


AssociationConfig Config class for AssociationTask.
AssociationTask(**kwargs) Associate DIAOSources into existing DIAObjects.
DiaForcedSourceTask(**kwargs) Task for measuring and storing forced sources at DiaObject locations in both difference and direct images.
DiaForcedSourcedConfig Configuration for the generic DiaForcedSourcedTask class.
MapApDataConfig Configuration for the generic MapApDataTask class.
MapApDataTask(inputSchema, outputSchema, …) Generic mapper class for copying values from a science pipelines catalog into a product for use in ap_association or the PPDB.
MapDiaSourceConfig Config for the DiaSourceMapperTask
MapDiaSourceTask(inputSchema, **kwargs) Task specific for copying columns from science pipelines catalogs, calibrating them, for use in ap_association and the PPDB.
UnpackPpdbFlags(flag_map_file, table_name) Class for unpacking bits from integer flag fields stored in the Ppdb.