Installing datasets

The dataset framework packages data in self-contained units that are intended to be easy to install for LSST Stack users. It is not necessary to install all datasets supported by ap_verify, only those you intend to use.


The Dataset framework requires that the computer have version 13.0 or later of the LSST Stack (specifically, the obs packages and their dependencies) installed. Installing lsst_distrib is the simplest way to ensure all dependencies are satisfied.

The framework also requires Git LFS and the EUPS package management system. EUPS is included in the Stack installation.

Installation procedure

Use the LSST Software Build Tool to request the dataset by its package name. A list of supported datasets is maintained as part of this documentation. Because of their large size (typically several GB), datasets are never installed as a dependency of another package; they must be requested explicitly.

For example, to install the Cosmos PDR2 CI dataset,

rebuild -u ap_verify_ci_cosmos_pdr2

Alternatively, the dataset can be cloned directly:

git clone

Once installed, the dataset must be setup each session before use:

setup ap_verify_ci_cosmos_pdr2              # Installed with rebuild
setup -r /my/path/ap_verify_ci_cosmos_pdr2  # Installed with git clone

Once this is done, ap_verify will be able to find the Cosmos data when requested through --dataset.

Further reading