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Python API reference

lsst.dax.apdb Package


make_apdb(config) Create Apdb instance based on Apdb configuration.


Apdb Abstract interface for APDB.
ApdbCassandra(config) Implementation of APDB database on to of Apache Cassandra.
ApdbCassandraSchema(session, keyspace, …) Class for management of APDB schema.
ApdbConfig Part of Apdb configuration common to all implementations.
ApdbSchema(schema_file, schema_name) Class for management of APDB schema.
ApdbSql(config) Implementation of APDB interface based on SQL database.
ApdbSqlConfig APDB configuration class for SQL implementation (ApdbSql).
ApdbSqlSchema(engine, dia_object_index, …) Class for management of APDB schema.
ApdbTables Names of the tables in APDB schema.
ColumnDef(name, type, nullable, length, …) Column representation in schema.
IndexDef(name, type, columns) Index description.
IndexType Types of indices.
TableDef(name, columns, indices, …) Table description