The lsst.display.firefly package provides a backend for the lsst.afw.display, display abstraction, allowing the Firefly visualization framework to be used for displaying data objects from the stack.

Firefly is a web framework for astronomical data access and visualization, developed at Caltech/IPAC and deployed for the archives of several major facilities including Spitzer, WISE, Plank and others. Firefly is a part of the LSST Science Platform. Its client-server architecture is designed to enable a user to easily visualize images and catalog data from a remote site.

The lsst.display.firefly backend is a client that can connect to a Firefly server and visualize data objects from an LSST stack session. It is best used with a Python session and Firefly server that are both remote and situated close to the data.

A user typically will not import lsst.display.firefly directly. Instead, the lsst.afw.display interface will commonly be used with backend=firefly. The Firefly backend is based upon the Python API in firefly_client.FireflyClient.

Using lsst.display.firefly


lsst.display.firefly is developed at You can find Jira issues for this module under the display_firefly component.