BaseStarSelectorTask is the base class for star selectors

Python API summary

from lsst.meas.algorithms.starSelector import BaseStarSelectorTask
classBaseStarSelectorTask(schema, **kwds)

Base class for star selectors...


Access configuration fields and retargetable subtasks.

methodrun(exposure, sourceCat, matches=None, isStarField=None)

Select stars and set a flag field True for stars in the input catalog...

See also

See the BaseStarSelectorTask API reference for complete details.

Retargetable subtasks

No subtasks.

Configuration fields


['base_PixelFlags_flag_edge', 'base_PixelFlags_flag_interpolatedCenter', 'base_PixelFlags_flag_saturatedCenter', 'base_PixelFlags_flag_crCenter', 'base_PixelFlags_flag_bad', 'base_PixelFlags_flag_interpolated']
Field type

str ListField

List of flags which cause a source to be rejected as bad