lsst.obs.decam is an interface between Dark Energy Camera (DECam) images and the Rubin/LSST Science Pipelines. It primarily supports processing of raw images, not DECam Community Pipeline “instcal” products.


lsst.obs.decam is developed at You can find Jira issues for this module under the obs_decam component.

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lsst.obs.decam Package


DarkEnergyCameraCPCalibFormatter(*args, **kwargs) DECam Community Pipeline calibrations (bias, dark, flat, fringe) are multi-extension FITS files with detector=index+1.
DarkEnergyCameraRawFormatter(*args, **kwargs)
DecamIngestArgumentParser(*args, **kwargs) Gen2 DECam ingest additional arguments.
DecamIngestTask(*args, **kwargs) Gen2 DECam file ingest task.

Deprecated since version v22.0.

DecamParseTask(*args, **kwargs) Parse an image filename to get the required information to put the file in the correct location and populate the registry.
DecamRawIngestTask(config, *, butler, …) Task for ingesting raw DECam data into a Gen3 Butler repository.
MakeDecamRawVisitInfo([log, doStripHeader]) Make a VisitInfo from the FITS header of a raw DECam image

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of lsst.obs.decam._instrument.DarkEnergyCamera, lsst.obs.decam.rawFormatter.DarkEnergyCameraCPCalibFormatter, lsst.obs.decam.rawFormatter.DarkEnergyCameraRawFormatter, lsst.obs.decam.ingest.DecamIngestArgumentParser, lsst.obs.decam.ingest.DecamIngestTask, lsst.obs.decam.decamMapper.DecamMapper, lsst.obs.decam.ingest.DecamParseTask, lsst.obs.decam.ingest.DecamRawIngestTask, lsst.obs.decam.makeDecamRawVisitInfo.MakeDecamRawVisitInfo