ConsolidateVisitSummaryTask combines the non-trivial metadata, including the wcs, detector id, psf size and shape, filter, and bounding box corners into one per-visit exposure catalog (dataset visitSummary).

Processing summary

ConsolidateVisitSummaryTask reads in detector-level processed exposure metadata tables (dataset calexp) for a given visit, combines these data into an exposure catalog, and writes the result out as a visit-level summary catalog (dataset visitSummary). The metadata from each exposure/detector includes:

  • The visitInfo.

  • The wcs.

  • The photoCalib.

  • The physical_filter and band (if available).

  • The psf size, shape, and effective area at the center of the detector.

  • The corners of the bounding box in right ascension/declination.

Other quantities such as detector, PSF, aperture correction map, and transmission curve are not persisted because of storage concerns, and because of their limited utility as summary statistics.

Python API summary

from lsst.pipe.tasks.postprocess import ConsolidateVisitSummaryTask

Task to consolidate per-detector visit metadata...


Access configuration fields and retargetable subtasks.


Run task algorithm on in-memory data...

See also

See the ConsolidateVisitSummaryTask API reference for complete details.

Butler datasets

When run through the runQuantum method, ConsolidateVisitSummaryTask obtains datasets from the input Butler data repository and persists outputs to the output Butler data repository.

Input datasets


Per-detector, processed exposures with metadata (wcs, psf, etc.)

Output datasets


Per-visit summary catalog of ccd/visit metadata.


Catalog with no rows with the same schema as visitSummary.