lsst-utils v24.0.0 (2022-08-26)

New Features

  • Add option to ignore NaNs in lsst.utils.tests.assertFloatsAlmostEqual. (DM-29370)
  • Add test decorators to operate on cartesian product. (DM-31141)
    • Several new packages added from pipe_base and daf_butler:
      • lsst.utils.timer
      • lsst.utils.classes
      • lsst.utils.introspection
      • lsst.utils.iteration
      • lsst.utils.logging
    • Added lsst.utils.doImportType to import a python type from a string and guarantee it is not a module.
    • lsst.utils.get_caller_name is now deprecated in its current location and has been relocated to lsst.utils.introspection. (DM-31722)
  • Add lsst.logging.set_trace_at to control TRACE-level loggers. (DM-32142)
  • Builds using setuptools now calculate versions from the Git repository, including the use of alpha releases for those associated with weekly tags. (DM-32408)
  • Context manager lsst.utils.timer.time_this can now include memory usage in its report. (DM-33331)
  • A new package lsst.utils.packages has been added to allow system package versions to be obtained. This code has been relocated from lsst.base. (DM-33403)
  • Add lsst.utils.threads for control of threads. Use lsst.utils.threads.disable_implicit_threading() to disable implicit threading. This function should be used in place of lsst.base.disableImplicitThreading() in all new code. This package now depends on the threadpoolctl package. (DM-33622)
  • Added a new class lsst.utils.logging.PeriodicLogger to allow a user to issue log messages after some time interval has elapsed. (DM-33919)
  • Added lsst.utils.logging.getTraceLogger to simplify the creation of a trace logger that uses a TRACEn prefix for the logger name. (DM-34208)

API Changes

  • The values for max resident set size stored in metadata are now consistently reported as bytes. Previously the units were platform specific (kibibytes on Liux and bytes on macOS). (DM-20970)
  • deprecate_pybind11 now requires a version parameter. This matches the upstream requirement from deprecated.deprecated (DM-29701)
  • Add parameter to getEnvironmentPackages to return all EUPS packages rather than just those that are locally setup. (DM-33934)

Performance Enhancement

lsst-utils v23.0.0 (2021-09-27)

  • Moved all C++ code out of this package and into cpputils package and changed license to BSD 3-clause. (DM-31721)

lsst-utils v22.0 (2021-07-09)

Bug fix

  • Error reporting in doImport has been improved. [DM-27638]

lsst-utils v21.0 (2020-12-08)

New Features

API Change