The lsst.validate.drp module provides utilities for measuring and plotting Key Performance Metrics (KPMs) on processed LSST data.


lsst.validate.drp is developed at You can find Jira issues for this module under the validate_drp component.

Python API reference

lsst.validate.drp Package

lsst.validate.drp.validate Module


plot_metrics(job, filterName[, outputPrefix]) Plot AM1, AM2, AM3, PA1 plus related informational plots.
print_metrics(job[, levels])
print_pass_fail_summary(jobs[, levels, …])
run(repo_or_json[, outputPrefix, makePrint, …]) Main entrypoint from
runOneFilter(repo, visitDataIds[, …]) Main executable for the case where there is just one filter.

lsst.validate.drp.util Module


averageDecFromCat(cat) Compute the average declination from a catalog of measurements.
averageRaDec(ra, dec) Calculate average RA, Dec from input lists using spherical geometry.
averageRaDecFromCat(cat) Calculate the average right ascension and declination from a catalog.
averageRaFromCat(cat) Compute the average right ascension from a catalog of measurements.
constructDataIds(filters, visits, ccds[, …]) Returns a list of dataIds consisting of every combination of visit & ccd for each filter.
constructRunList(visits, ccds[, ccdKeyName]) Construct a comprehensive runList for
discoverDataIds(repo, **kwargs) Retrieve a list of all dataIds in a repo.
ellipticity(i_xx, i_xy, i_yy) Calculate ellipticity from second moments.
ellipticity_from_cat(cat[, slot_shape]) Calculate the ellipticity of the Shapes in a catalog from the 2nd moments.
ellipticity_from_shape(shape) Calculate the ellipticty of shape from its moments.
getCcdKeyName(dataId) Return the key in a dataId that’s referring to the CCD or moral equivalent.
loadDataIdsAndParameters(configFile) Load data IDs, magnitude range, and expected metrics from a yaml file.
loadParameters(configFile) Load configuration parameters from a yaml file.
loadRunList(configFile) Load run list from a YAML file.
medianEllipticity1ResidualsFromCat(cat) Compute the median real ellipticty residuals from a catalog of measurements.
medianEllipticity2ResidualsFromCat(cat) Compute the median imaginary ellipticty residuals from a catalog of measurements.
medianEllipticityResidualsFromCat(cat) Compute the median ellipticty residuals from a catalog of measurements.
positionRms(ra_mean, dec_mean, ra, dec) Calculate the RMS between an array of coordinates and a reference (mean) position.
positionRmsFromCat(cat) Calculate the RMS for RA, Dec for a set of observations an object.
raftSensorToInt(visitId) Construct an int that encodes raft, sensor coordinates.
repoNameToPrefix(repo) Generate a base prefix for plots based on the repo name.
sphDist(ra_mean, dec_mean, ra, dec) Calculate distance on the surface of a unit sphere.

lsst.validate.drp.matchedVisitMetricsTask Module


MatchedVisitMetricsRunner(TaskClass, parsedCmd) Subclass of TaskRunner for MatchedVisitMetrics
MatchedVisitMetricsTask([config, name, …]) An alternate command-line driver for the validate_drp metrics.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of lsst.validate.drp.matchedVisitMetricsTask.MatchedVisitMetricsRunner, lsst.validate.drp.matchedVisitMetricsTask.MatchedVisitMetricsConfig, lsst.validate.drp.matchedVisitMetricsTask.MatchedVisitMetricsTask

lsst.validate.drp.photerrmodel Module


photErrModel(mag, sigmaSys, gamma, m5) Model of photometric error for a single visit.
fitPhotErrModel(mag, mag_err) Fit photometric error model from the LSST Overview paper:
build_photometric_error_model(…[, …]) Returns a serializable analytic photometry error model for a single visit.

lsst.validate.drp.astromerrmodel Module


astromErrModel(snr[, theta, sigmaSys, C]) Calculate expected astrometric uncertainty based on SNR.
fitAstromErrModel(snr, dist) Fit model of astrometric error from the LSST Overview paper:
build_astrometric_error_model(…[, …]) Serializable model of astrometry errors across multiple visits.