class lsst.afw.geom.Ellipse

Bases: pybind11_builtins.pybind11_object

Methods Summary

grow(self, arg0)
plot([axes, scale, show, rescale]) Plot the ellipse in matplotlib, adding a MatplotlibInterface object as the ‘matplotlib’ attribute of the ellipse.
scale(self, arg0)
setCenter(self, arg0)
setCore(self, arg0)
setParameterVector(self, arg0, 1]])
shift(self, arg0)
transform(self, transform)

Methods Documentation

computeBBox(self: lsst.afw.geom.ellipses.Ellipse) → lsst.geom.Box2D
getCenter(self: lsst.afw.geom.ellipses.Ellipse) → lsst.geom.Point2D
getCore(self: lsst.afw.geom.ellipses.Ellipse) → lsst.afw.geom.ellipses.BaseCore
getGridTransform(self: lsst.afw.geom.ellipses.Ellipse) → lsst.geom.AffineTransform
getParameterVector(self: lsst.afw.geom.ellipses.Ellipse) → numpy.ndarray[numpy.float64[5, 1]]
grow(self: lsst.afw.geom.ellipses.Ellipse, arg0: float) → None
normalize(self: lsst.afw.geom.ellipses.Ellipse) → None
plot(axes=None, scale=1.0, show=True, rescale=True, **kwds)

Plot the ellipse in matplotlib, adding a MatplotlibInterface object as the ‘matplotlib’ attribute of the ellipse.

Aside from those below, keyword arguments for the matplotlib.patches.Patch constructor are also accepted (‘facecolor’, ‘linestyle’, etc.)

axes : matplotlib.axes.Axes, optional

Axes to plot on. Defaults to matplotlib.pyplot.gca().

scale : float, optional

Scale the displayed ellipse by this factor.

show : bool, optional

If True, update the figure automatically. Set to False for batch processing.

rescale : bool, optional

If True, rescale the axes.

interface : EllipseMatplotlibInterface

An object that allows the matplotlib patch to be updated when the ellipse modified.

scale(self: lsst.afw.geom.ellipses.Ellipse, arg0: float) → None
setCenter(self: lsst.afw.geom.ellipses.Ellipse, arg0: lsst.geom.Point2D) → None
setCore(self: lsst.afw.geom.ellipses.Ellipse, arg0: lsst.afw.geom.ellipses.BaseCore) → None
setParameterVector(self: lsst.afw.geom.ellipses.Ellipse, arg0: numpy.ndarray[numpy.float64[5, 1]]) → None
shift(self: lsst.afw.geom.ellipses.Ellipse, arg0: lsst.geom.Extent2D) → None
transform(self: lsst.afw.geom.ellipses.Ellipse, transform: lsst.geom.AffineTransform) → lsst.afw.geom.ellipses.Ellipse