lsst.afw.geom.computePixelToDistortedPixel(pixelToFocalPlane, focalPlaneToFieldAngle)

Compute the transform pixelToDistortedPixel, which applies optical distortion specified by focalPlaneToFieldAngle.

The resulting transform is designed to be used to convert a pure TAN WCS to a WCS that includes a model for optical distortion. In detail, the initial WCS will contain these frames and transforms:

PIXELS frame -> pixelToIwc -> IWC frame ->  gridToIwc -> SkyFrame

To produce the WCS with distortion, replace pixelToIwc with:

pixelToDistortedPixel -> pixelToIwc
pixelToFocalPlane : lsst.afw.geom.TransformPoint2ToPoint2

Transform parent pixel coordinates to focal plane coordinates

focalPlaneToFieldAngle : lsst.afw.geom.TransformPoint2ToPoint2

Transform focal plane coordinates to field angle coordinates

pixelToDistortedPixel : lsst.afw.geom.TransformPoint2ToPoint2

A transform that applies the effect of the optical distortion model.