class lsst.meas.algorithms.Stamp(stamp_im: lsst.afw.image.maskedImage.MaskedImageF, archive_element: Optional[] = None, position: Optional[lsst.geom.SpherePoint] = SpherePoint(nan*geom.degrees, nan*geom.degrees))

Bases: lsst.meas.algorithms.stamps.AbstractStamp

Single stamp

stamp_im : lsst.afw.image.MaskedImageF

The actual pixel values for the postage stamp

position : lsst.geom.SpherePoint, optional

Position of the center of the stamp. Note the user must keep track of the coordinate system

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Methods Summary

factory(stamp_im, metadata, index[, …]) This method is needed to service the FITS reader.

Attributes Documentation

archive_element = None
position = SpherePoint(nan*geom.degrees, nan*geom.degrees)

Methods Documentation

classmethod factory(stamp_im, metadata, index, archive_element=None)

This method is needed to service the FITS reader. We need a standard interface to construct objects like this. Parameters needed to construct this object are passed in via a metadata dictionary and then passed to the constructor of this class. If lists of values are passed with the following keys, they will be passed to the constructor, otherwise dummy values will be passed: RA_DEG, DEC_DEG. They should each point to lists of values.

stamp : lsst.afw.image.MaskedImage

Pixel data to pass to the constructor

metadata : dict

Dictionary containing the information needed by the constructor.

idx : int

Index into the lists in metadata

archive_element :, optional

Archive element (e.g. Transform or WCS) associated with this stamp.

stamp : Stamp

An instance of this class