lsst.pex.config.compareConfigs(name, c1, c2, shortcut=True, rtol=1e-08, atol=1e-08, output=None)

Compare two lsst.pex.config.Config instances for equality.

This function is a helper for

name : str

Name to use when reporting differences, typically created by getComparisonName.

v1 : lsst.pex.config.Config

Left-hand side config to compare.

v2 : lsst.pex.config.Config

Right-hand side config to compare.

shortcut : bool, optional

If True, return as soon as an inequality is found. Default is True.

rtol : float, optional

Relative tolerance for floating point comparisons.

atol : float, optional

Absolute tolerance for floating point comparisons.

output : callable, optional

A callable that takes a string, used (possibly repeatedly) to report inequalities. For example: print.

areEqual : bool

True when the two lsst.pex.config.Config instances are equal. False if there is an inequality.


Floating point comparisons are performed by numpy.allclose.

If c1 or c2 contain RegistryField or ConfigChoiceField instances, unselected Config instances will not be compared.