class lsst.pipe.base.NodeId(number: int, buildId: BuildId)

Bases: object

Deprecated, this class is used with QuantumGraph save formats of 1 and 2 when unpicking objects and must be retained until those formats are considered unloadable.

This represents an unique identifier of a node within an individual construction of a QuantumGraph. This identifier will stay constant through a pickle, and any QuantumGraph methods that return a new QuantumGraph.

A NodeId will not be the same if a new graph is built containing the same information in a QuantumNode, or even built from exactly the same inputs.

NodeId`s do not play any role in deciding the equality or identity (hash) of a `QuantumNode, and are mainly useful in debugging or working with various subsets of the same graph.

This interface is a convenance only, and no guarantees on long term stability are made. New implementations might change the NodeId, or provide more or less guarantees.