exception lsst.pipe.base.RepeatableQuantumError

Exception that may be raised by PipelineTasks (and code they delegate to) in order to indicate that a repeatable problem that will not be addressed by retries.

This usually indicates that the algorithm and the data it has been given are somehow incompatible, and the task should run fine on most other data.

This exception may be used as a base class for more specific questions, or used directly while chaining another exception, e.g.:

except SomeOtherError as err:
    raise RepeatableQuantumError() from err

This may be used for missing input data when the desired behavior is to cause all downstream tasks being run be blocked, forcing the user to address the problem. When the desired behavior is to skip all of this quantum and attempt downstream tasks (or skip them) without its its outputs, raise NoWorkFound or return without raising instead.