lsst.pipe.base.tests.mocks.mock_task_defs(originals: Iterable[TaskDef], unmocked_dataset_types: Iterable[str] = (), force_failures: Mapping[str, tuple[str, type[Exception] | None]] | None = None) list[lsst.pipe.base.pipeline.TaskDef]

Create mocks for an iterable of TaskDefs.

originalsIterable [ TaskDef ]

Original tasks and configuration to mock.

unmocked_dataset_typesIterable [ str ], optional

Names of overall-input dataset types that should not be replaced with mocks.

force_failuresMapping [ str, tuple [ str, type [ Exception ] or None ] ]

Mapping from original task label to a 2-tuple indicating that some quanta should raise an exception when executed. The first entry is a data ID match using the butler expression language (i.e. a string of the sort passed ass the where argument to butler query methods), while the second is the type of exception to raise when the quantum data ID matches the expression.

mockedlist [ TaskDef ]

List of TaskDef objects using MockPipelineTask configurations that target the original tasks, in the same order.