Winter 2016 & X2016 QServ and Data Access Release Notes

The 12.0 release of the LSST Science Pipelines includes Qserv release 2016_05.

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Major Functionality and Interface Changes

Shared scan performance improvements

Qserv’s shared scan capability was extensively reworked, including a new scheduler and page-locking memory support on the workers. Performance was greatly improved. [DM-3755, DM-4677, DM-4697, DM-4807, DM-4943, DM-5313, DM-5514]

Robustness with large (multi-gigbyte) result sets

Qserv previously had an issue where dense and highly distributed queries could cause workers to “fire-hose” the czar, causing it to lock up or fail due to memory and/or CPU exhaustion. Threading and flow control changes were made on the czar and workers to address this. A memory management issue in the mysql proxy LUA code was also addressed. [DM-5908, DM-5909, DM-5910, DM-6149]

Query cancellation

Query cancellation improvements and rework begun in the W16 cycle were completed. Queries in flight are now canceled robustly on both czar and workers when a user types -C to the mysql client. [DM-2699, DM-3562, DM-3564, DM-3946, DM-3945]

Query coverage

Qserv now correctly handles queries with “where objectId between”, and “where objectId in”. [DM-2873, DM-2887]

Logging improvements

Qserv log messages now include user-friendly thread IDs and unique query IDs. This improves consumability of logs for both real users and automated tools. [DM-5314, DM-4755, DM-4756]

SQLAlchemy client support

The SQlAlchemy client library makes a few probe queries on connect to assess Unicode support by the engine. Some of these queries were problematic for the czar. This was addressed and SQLAlchemy can now be used as an alternative client for Qserv. [DM-4648]

SQL-based CSS implementation

Qserv’s central shared-state (CSS) meta-data service implementation, formerly based on Zookeeper, was replaced with a more robust and transactional SQL-based implementation. Dependencies on Zookeeper were removed from the build. [DM-4003, DM-4138, DM-3192, DM-3574, DM-2733]

Multi-node integration tests via Docker

A multi-node integration test suite was added, which may be run on a single host via Docker. The multi-node integration test is integrated with Travis CI, and now runs automatically on commits to all branches of the LSST Qserv git repo on github. [DM-5218, DM-3985, DM-4295, DM-3910, DM-3922, DM-4395]

Distributed table and database deletion

Distributed table and database deletion were implemented. Watcher process (wmgr) does deletion on workers, and state is synchronized via CSS. [DM-2522, DM-2622, DM-2624, DM-4206, DM-2625]

Qserv stack now based on MariaDB

Qserv and all associated services and libraries were ported from MySQL to MariaDB. Dependencies on mysql and mysqlclient were removed from the build. [DM-224, DM-5319, DM-5125, DM-5122, DM-4705, DM-3949, DM-5026]

Czar now in-process with mysqlproxy

The Qserv czar was previously wrapped with SWIG then hosted within a Python process which communicated with mysqlproxy over an XMLRPC interface implemented in Twisted and LUA. The czar has been reworked so it is now directly wrapped to LUA and brought into the mysqlproxy process. This allowed elimination of the XMLRPC wire protocol and associated code, elimination of several external library dependencies, and removal of all Python involvement from the proxy/czar process. [DM-4348, DM-5307]

Documentation updates

Qserv user and installation documentation (Qserv 2016_05 documentation) was updated/corrected. [DM-5754, DM-4105]

Bug Fixes

Service timeout failure fix

Qserv services would crash in some instances if left running for several days. The cause was tracked down to a missing null handle check in a mysql wrapper library, which was provoked when server connections would timeout. [DM-5594]

Intermittent testQdisp unit test failure

This was tracked down to a problem with the Executive class mocks used by the unit test. These mocks did not handle threading during cancellation correctly. [DM-4928]

Data loader didn’t work for match tables

The script was not invoking the correct partitioner for match tables, and was not passing all required CSS parameters down to the CSS update code. [DM-3656]

Build and Code Improvements

Stream based logging macros

Qserv was cut over to using stream based logging macros exclusively, and the boost format style logging macros (considered harmful) were removed from the LSST log package. A redundant logging wrapping layer in qserv was also removed. [DM-4616, DM-5204, DM-5202, DM-3037]

Build improvements

Overly verbose build output from scons was greatly reduced. Scons files were reworked to treat shared libraries consistently, and some latent incorrect shared lib linkages were corrected. Scons files were also adjusted to avoid unnecessary copying of the source tree into the build tree. [DM-3447, DM-2421, DM-4145, DM-3686, DM-3707]

Compiler support

Issues were addressed to ensure that qserv builds and passes all unit tests on Linux with gcc 4.8.5 - 5.3.1, and on MacOSX with XCode 7.3.0. Warnings were addressed wherever possible, and the builds are now largely warning free except for some warnings produced by third-party library dependencies. Warnings generated by the Eclipse Neon C++ code analyzer were also addressed wherever possible. [DM-3584, DM-3663, DM-3803, DM-3772, DM-3779, DM-3915, DM-4398, DM-4470, DM-4529, DM-4704, DM-5788, DM-6292]

C++ style and conformance

Various small systematic changes were made across the Qserv code base for style consistency. Anonymous namespaces were moved to top level of translation units. A single space was added after “if” before the subsequent paren. toString() functions were removed in favor of streaming operators. Non-standard uint type was replaced with unsigned int. [DM-4753, DM-3888, DM-2452, DM-3805]

Library updates

Qserv was rolled forward to scisql 0.3.5, mysqlproxy 0.8.5, boost 1.60, and the latest changes from XRootD were incorporated. We also moved from using a forked version of the sphgeom library to following the tip of the official LSST version. [DM-4938, DM-4786, DM-5394, DM-2178, DM-4092, DM-2334]

Dead code removal

Unused worker configuration templates and deprecated czar merging codes were removed. Unused objectId hinting code was removed from the proxy LUA miniParser. [DM-4440, DM-2320, DM-3952]

Docker improvements

Docker container build and deploy scripts continued to be extended, enhanced, and debugged. Scripts are currently based on shmux, and have been used for administration of multiple qserv clusters at both NCSA and IN2P3. [DM-3199, DM-6130, DM-4438, DM-5187, DM-5402, DM-4523, DM-5336]

Integration test improvements

Integration tests were added involving blobs and non-box spatial constraints. Additionally, a facility to reset the empty chunk list in the czar was added, which greatly streamlines the integration tests. [DM-991, DM-2900, DM-4383]

Modernize python code in Qserv admin tools

Python admin scripts were run through “futurize -1”. One print change was made to [DM-6324]

Worker configuration files

INI file style configuration support was added for the worker, in support of being able to configure shared scans without resorting to environment variables. [DM-5209]

Rename TaskMsgFactory2

to TaskMsgFactory. I can’t believe we track this kind of nonsense. [DM-2060]

Clean up installation files

Directories cfg/ and proxy/ in the qserv install tree were moved under share/ and lib/ for consistency. [DM-1355]