Release 16.0 (2018-06-28)



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This release is based on the w_2018_22 weekly build.

These release notes highlight significant changes to the Science Pipelines codebase which are likely to be of wide interest. For a complete list of changes made, see Tickets Addressed in Release 16.0.

If you have questions or comments about this release, visit our Community Forum for advice.

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Major Functionality and Interface Changes

Reworked “geom” package, replacing much of “afw.geom”

The Angle, Point, Extent, SpherePoint, Box, LinearTransform and AffineTransform primitivies have been moved from afw.geom to geom. Aliases for compatibility purposes remain within afw for this release, but new code should use the geom package. For further details, refer to this post.

DECam ingest now defaults to raw image (encapsulating DecamIngestTask) now ingests raw images by default instead of “instcals”. This change means that DecamIngestTask behaves more like IngestTask and other ingestion tasks. For further details, refer to this post.

Python 2 is no longer supported

This release is no longer tested on or expected to work with Python 2. For further details, refer to this post.

Improvements to the StarSelector interface

The call signatures for source and star selectors have been modernized and unified as described on RFC-198. Some legacy code has not yet adopted the new interface.

Automatically select the \(N\) images with the best seeing when building templates

The MaxPsfWcsSelectImagesTask can now automatically determine the thresholds needed to select images with an appropriate PSF when building templates, rather than having them specified by the user. For details, refer to DM-11953.