Top-level packages to install

The LSST Science Pipelines are part of LSST’s EUPS package stack. This means that the Science Pipelines software is actually a collection of packages that you install and set up together. By specifying different top-level packages to the eups distrib install and setup commands, you can control the size of the software installation or add new capabilities.

This page describes the common top-level packages that make up the LSST Science Pipelines and related EUPS stacks.


lsst_apps provides the core packages that LSST will use in operations.

Example installation (more info):

eups distrib install lsst_apps -t <tag>
setup lsst_apps


lsst_distrib provides all the packages from lsst_apps along with these additional ones:

Example installation (more info):

eups distrib install lsst_distrib -t <tag>
setup lsst_distrib