obs_base v23.0.0 2021-12-10

New Features

  • 2to3 conversion has been improved to add a dry run facility, to defer dataId expansion when not required, and to allow templates to be overridden. (DM-28636)
  • Reorganize the base Exposure and raw formatters to improve efficiency and clarify component handling. (DM-28698)
  • Add amp parameter to the formatters for the Exposure StorageClass, allowing single-amplifier subimage reads. (DM-29370)
  • Change raw ingest to use a reproducible UUID5 dataset ID. This means that the dataset ID for a raw ingested in one repository will be identical to that used in another. For integer-based registries this change will have no effect. (DM-29950)
  • Add support for updating exposure and visit definitions in RawIngestTask and DefineVisitsTask. (DM-30866)
  • Add support for forced updates of instrument, detector, and physical_filter definitions during instrument registration. (DM-31903)

Bug Fixes

  • Not all PSFs are persistable and now if one is encountered as part of composite disassembly it will be ignored. These types of PSFs were already silently dropped when writing a full Exposure. (DM-29794)
  • The butler define-visits command now correctly uses the --collections option to constrain the exposures that will be processed into visits. (DM-31079)

obs_base v22.0 (2021-04-01)

New Feature

  • Enhance raw data ingest such that there is no longer a need for a special subclass when ingesting DECam data. The metadata translator can now find additional headers itself. [DM-29166]
  • Add progress reporting to raw ingest, visit definition, and 2to3 conversion.
  • Change raw data ingest to support remote object stores. [DM-25965]
  • Raw data ingest now supports external metadata sidecar files or JSON per-directory index files. Creating these sidecar files in advance (using astrometadata write-index or astrometadata write-sidecar) can significantly improve ingest performance. This is especially useful if a particular test data set is commonly re-ingested. [DM-27476]
  • Raw data ingest has been modified to provide a callback feature when files fail to be ingested or are successfully ingested. This allows reporting tools to make detailed reports when doing bulk ingest. [DM-29071]
  • 2to3 conversion has been significantly improved. [DM-27147]


  • When reading exposures the formatter now checks that the filter label in the DataId is consistent with the filter label read from the file. [DM-28583]