The lsst.obs.base module provides the framework and common API for telescope/camera specific “obs” packages. New cameras will derive from the classes defined here. lsst.obs.base.tests provides the tests that all “obs” packages should pass.


lsst.obs.base is developed at You can find Jira issues for this module under the obs_base component.

Python API reference

lsst.obs.base Package


addUnboundedCalibrationLabel(registry, …) Add a special ‘unbounded’ calibration_label dimension entry for the given camera that is valid for any exposure.
bboxFromIraf(irafBBoxStr) Return a Box2I corresponding to an IRAF-style BBOX
createInitialSkyWcs(visitInfo, detector[, flipX]) Create a SkyWcs from the telescope boresight and detector geometry.
exposureFromImage(image[, dataId, mapper, …]) Generate an Exposure from an image-like object
makeExposureRecordFromObsInfo(obsInfo, universe) Construct an exposure DimensionRecord from astro_metadata_translator.ObservationInfo.
makeTransferChoiceField([doc, default]) Create a Config field with options for how to transfer files between data repositories.
makeVisitRecordFromObsInfo(obsInfo, universe, *) Construct a visit DimensionRecord from astro_metadata_translator.ObservationInfo.


CalibrationMapping(datasetType, policy, …) CalibrationMapping is a Mapping subclass for calibration-type products.
CameraMapper(policy, repositoryDir[, root, …]) CameraMapper is a base class for mappers that handle images from a camera and products derived from them.
DatasetMapping(datasetType, policy, …) DatasetMapping is a Mapping subclass for non-Exposure datasets that can be retrieved by the standard daf_persistence mechanism.
ExposureIdInfo([expId, expBits, maxBits]) Exposure ID and number of bits used.
ExposureMapping(datasetType, policy, …) ExposureMapping is a Mapping subclass for normal exposures.
FilterDefinition(physical_filter, lambdaEff, …) The definition of an instrument’s filter bandpass.
FilterDefinitionCollection(*filters) An order-preserving collection of `FilterDefinition`s.
FitsRawFormatterBase(*args, **kwargs) Abstract base class for reading and writing raw data to and from FITS files.
ImageMapping(datasetType, policy, registry, …) ImageMapping is a Mapping subclass for non-camera images.
InitialSkyWcsError For handling failures when creating a SkyWcs from a camera geometry and boresight.
Instrument(*args, **kwargs) Base class for instrument-specific logic for the Gen3 Butler.
MakeRawVisitInfo([log]) Base class functor to make a VisitInfo from the FITS header of a raw image.
MakeRawVisitInfoViaObsInfo([log]) Base class functor to make a VisitInfo from the FITS header of a raw image using ObservationInfo translators.
Mapping(datasetType, policy, registry, …) Mapping is a base class for all mappings.
RawIngestTask(config, *, butler, **kwds) Driver Task for ingesting raw data into Gen3 Butler repositories.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of lsst.obs.base.mapping.CalibrationMapping, lsst.obs.base.cameraMapper.CameraMapper, lsst.obs.base.mapping.DatasetMapping, lsst.obs.base.exposureIdInfo.ExposureIdInfo, lsst.obs.base.mapping.ExposureMapping, lsst.obs.base.filters.FilterDefinition, lsst.obs.base.filters.FilterDefinitionCollection, lsst.obs.base.fitsRawFormatterBase.FitsRawFormatterBase, lsst.obs.base.mapping.ImageMapping, lsst.obs.base.utils.InitialSkyWcsError, lsst.obs.base.instrument.Instrument, lsst.obs.base.makeRawVisitInfo.MakeRawVisitInfo, lsst.obs.base.makeRawVisitInfoViaObsInfo.MakeRawVisitInfoViaObsInfo, lsst.obs.base.mapping.Mapping, lsst.obs.base.ingest.RawIngestConfig, lsst.obs.base.ingest.RawIngestTask