ConfigApdbLoader creates an lsst.dax.apdb.Apdb object from a science task config that contains an ApdbConfig. This provides users with an Apdb object that accesses the same database as the original science task.

This task is intended for use as a subtask of lsst.verify.tasks.apdbMetricTask.ApdbMetricTask.

Processing summary

ConfigApdbLoader takes a config as input, and searches it and all sub-configs for an lsst.dax.apdb.ApdbConfig. If it finds one, it constructs an Apdb object based on that config and returns it. If the input config has multiple ApdbConfig sub-configs, ConfigApdbLoader does not make any guarantees about which one will be used.

Python API summary

from lsst.verify.tasks.apdbMetricTask import ConfigApdbLoader

A Task that takes a science task config and returns the corresponding Apdb object...


Access configuration fields and retargetable subtasks.


Create a database consistent with a science task config...

See also

See the ConfigApdbLoader API reference for complete details.

Retargetable subtasks

No subtasks.

Configuration fields

No configuration fields.