DirectApdbLoader creates a lsst.dax.apdb.Apdb object from a ApdbConfig. This provides users with a Apdb object that accesses the indicated database.

This task is intended for use as a subtask of lsst.verify.tasks.apdbMetricTask.ApdbMetricTask.

Processing summary

DirectApdbLoader takes a config as input. It then constructs a Apdb object based on that config and returns it.

Python API summary

from lsst.verify.tasks.apdbMetricTask import DirectApdbLoader

A Task that takes a Apdb config and returns the corresponding Apdb object...


Access configuration fields and retargetable subtasks.


Create a database from a config...

See also

See the DirectApdbLoader API reference for complete details.

Retargetable subtasks

No subtasks.

Configuration fields

No configuration fields.