class lsst.ctrl.mpexec.QuantumGraphExecutor

Bases: abc.ABC

Class which abstracts QuantumGraph execution.

Any specific execution model is implemented in sub-class by overriding the execute method.

Methods Summary

execute(graph, butler) Execute whole graph.
getReport() Return execution report from last call to execute.

Methods Documentation

execute(graph: QuantumGraph, butler: Butler) → None

Execute whole graph.

Implementation of this method depends on particular execution model and it has to be provided by a subclass. Execution model determines what happens here; it can be either actual running of the task or, for example, generation of the scripts for delayed batch execution.

graph : QuantumGraph

Execution graph.

butler : Butler

Data butler instance

getReport() → Optional[lsst.ctrl.mpexec.reports.Report, None]

Return execution report from last call to execute.

report : Report, optional

Structure describing the status of the execution of a quantum graph. None is returned if implementation does not support this feature.


Raised if this method is called before execute.