lsst.ctrl.mpexec is developed at You can find Jira issues for this module under the ctrl_mpexec component.

Command Line Scripts

Python API reference

lsst.ctrl.mpexec Package


graph2dot(qgraph, file) Convert QuantumGraph into GraphViz digraph.
pipeline2dot(pipeline, file) Convert Pipeline into GraphViz digraph.


CmdLineFwk() PipelineTask framework which executes tasks from command line.
ExecutionGraphFixup Interface for classes which update quantum graphs before execution.
MPGraphExecutor(numProc, timeout, …[, …]) Implementation of QuantumGraphExecutor using same-host multiprocess execution of Quanta.
MPGraphExecutorError Exception class for errors raised by MPGraphExecutor.
MPTimeoutError Exception raised when task execution times out.
PreExecInit(butler, taskFactory[, extendRun]) Initialization of registry for QuantumGraph execution.
QuantumExecutor Class which abstracts execution of a single Quantum.
QuantumGraphExecutor Class which abstracts QuantumGraph execution.
SingleQuantumExecutor(taskFactory[, …]) Executor class which runs one Quantum at a time.
TaskFactory Class instantiating PipelineTasks.