class lsst.meas.astrom.MatchTolerancePessimistic(maxMatchDist=None, autoMaxMatchDist=None, maxShift=None, lastMatchedPattern=None, failedPatternList=None, PPMbObj=None)

Bases: lsst.meas.astrom.MatchTolerance

Stores match tolerances for use in AstrometryTask and later iterations of the matcher.

MatchPessimisticBTask relies on several state variables to be preserved over different iterations in the AstrometryTask.matchAndFitWcs loop of AstrometryTask.

maxMatchDist : lsst.geom.Angle

Maximum distance to consider a match from the previous match/fit iteration.

autoMaxMatchDist : lsst.geom.Angle

Automated estimation of the maxMatchDist from the sky statistics of the source and reference catalogs.

maxShift : lsst.geom.Angle

Maximum shift found in the previous match/fit cycle.

lastMatchedPattern : int

Index of the last source pattern that was matched into the reference data.

failedPatternList : list of int

Previous matches were found to be false positives.

PPMbObj : lsst.meas.astrom.PessimisticPatternMatcherB

Initialized Pessimistic pattern matcher object. Storing this prevents the need for recalculation of the searchable distances in the PPMB.