lsst.meas.astrom.plotAstrometry(matches, refCat=None, sourceCat=None, refMarker='x', refColor='r', sourceMarker='+', sourceColor='g', matchColor='y')

Plot reference objects, sources and matches

matches : list of lsst.afw.table.ReferenceMatch

list of matches

refCat : lsst.afw.table.SimpleCatalog

reference object catalog, or None to not plot reference objects

sourceCat : lsst.afw.table.SourceCatalog

source catalog, or None to not plot sources

refMarker : str

pyplot marker for reference objects

refColor : str

pyplot color for reference objects

sourceMarker : str

pyplot marker for sources

sourceColor : str

pyplot color for sources

matchColor : str

color for matches; can be a constant or a function taking one match and returning a string


By default:

  • reference objects in refCat are shown as red X
  • sources in sourceCat are shown as green +
  • matches are shown as a yellow circle around the source and a line connecting the reference object to the source