lsst.obs.base.loadCamera(butler: lsst.daf.butler._butler.Butler, dataId: Union[lsst.daf.butler.core.dimensions._coordinate.DataCoordinate, Mapping[str, Any]], *, collections: Optional[Any] = None) → Tuple[lsst.afw.cameraGeom.Camera, bool]

Attempt to load versioned camera geometry from a butler, but fall back to obtaining a nominal camera from the Instrument class if that fails.

butler : lsst.daf.butler.Butler

Butler instance to attempt to query for and load a camera dataset from.

dataId : dict or DataCoordinate

Data ID that identifies at least the instrument and exposure dimensions.

collections : Any, optional

Collections to be searched, overriding self.butler.collections. Can be any of the types supported by the collections argument to butler construction.

camera : lsst.afw.cameraGeom.Camera

Camera object.

versioned : bool

If True, the camera was obtained from the butler and should represent a versioned camera from a calibration repository. If False, no camera datasets were found, and the returned camera was produced by instantiating the appropriate Instrument class and calling Instrument.getCamera.