Release 26.0.0 (2023-12-22)



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This release is based on the w_2023_32 weekly build with 11 tickets backported.

The notes below highlight significant technical changes to the Science Pipelines codebase in this release. For a complete list of changes made, see Tickets Addressed in Release 26.0.0.

The Characterization Metric Report (DMTR-421) describes the scientific performance of this release in terms of scientific performance metrics.

If you have questions or comments about this release, visit our Community forum for advice.

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Major new features

Intel Math Kernel Library compatibility

The codebase is now compatible with the Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL). rubin-env 7.0.1 provides now BLAS from MKL by default.

Fitting PIFF PSFs in sky coordinates

The default PSF model, PIFF (PSFs in the Full FOV), can now fit PSFs in sky coordinates, which is especially important if the detectors see small-scale WCS distortions (for example, DES’s treerings).

Fitting parallax and proper motion with GBDES

A significantly modified fork of Dark Energy Survey’s astrometric calibration gbdes is now used by default for global astrometric fitting in the data release pipeline. This algorithm configurably fits stellar proper motion and parallax while fitting positions. See also RFC-853.

New package meas_transiNet

A PipelineTask interface, transiNet, for the deep learning-based transient detection package, TransiNet, was added to the build. These Tasks provide real-bogus classifications of DIASources.

Crosstalk-correction enabled for LATISS

Crosstalk-correction is now enabled for LATISS on Auxtel.

Data Butler Query System Improvements

The data butler’s query system has undergone a major overhaul. These improvements provide better graph pipeline execution (less manual intervention for pipeline operators and more fine-grained control for commissioning). They also set the stage for the future ‘’client/server butler’’, which will use http APIs instead of database connections to scale up and add access control for science users.

Significant interface changes

New packages added

  • meas_transiNet provides a PipelineTask interface for the TransiNet machine learning classification package.

  • ctrl_execute for configuration writing and orchestration execution. It was removed in v24.0.0 and added back in this release.

  • ctrl_platform_s3df provides S3DF-specific templates used to write configuration files.

  • daf_relation provides classes that represent relational algebra expression trees, along with algorithms to convert them to SQLAlchemy objects and Python generators.

Packages removed


These tasks or methods are now deprecated and will be removed in the next major release. See RFC-945 for a clarification on the accelerated deprecation policy.

Deprecations in lsst.pipe.tasks

makeSupplementaryDataGen3 in AssembleCoaddTask is deprecated in favor of _makeSupplementaryData.

The Gen 2 I/O interfaces ParquetTable and MultilevelParquetTable are deprecated.

Deprecated ID factory construction with makeIdFactory

ID factory construction makeIdFactory now depends on configuration and should be specified with the idGenerator Config field.

Deprecations in lsst.afw

The get_bool_array method in BaseColumnView and its derived subclasses should not be used and will be removed. Catalog.__getitem__ now provides better support accessing flag/bool columns.

In the class lsst.afw.image.MaskedImage the method getArray will be removed in favor the individual properties.

Deprecations in lsst.daf.butler

In the classes Butler, LimitedButler and QuantumBackedButler these methods are deprecated:

  • putDirect: Use put instead

  • getDirect, Use get instead

  • getDirectDeferred, Use getDeferred instead

  • datasetExistsDirect: Use datasetExistsDirect instead

  • datastore, removed without replacement as the datastore property is now deprecated

CollectionSearch is deprecated in favor of tuples of string collection names.

Deprecation in SkyMapDimensionPacker

In lsst.skymap.packers.SkyMapDimensionPacker, the methods getIntFromFilter, getFilterNameFromInt and getMaxIntForFilters are deprecated.

Deprecations in lsst.obs.base

The class ExposureIdInfo is deprecated in favor of IdGenerator.

Deprecations in lsst.pipe.base

The class ButlerQuantumContext has been renamed to QuantumContext and given extra functionality.

The class ObservationDimensionPacker is deprecated in favor of configurable dimension packers.

Deprecation of input calibration Task Connections and Configurations for visitSummary

A number of connections and configurations controlling the application of global photometric and astrometric solutions and PSF models were deprecated. These connections will be replaced visitSummary. See RFC-901.

In CoaddBaseTask (MakeWarpTask, AssembleCoaddTask and children), WriteRecalibratedSourceTableTask, DetectorMeasurementTask, MatchedBaseTask, ForcedPhotCcdTask, AlardLuptonSubtractTask, AlardLuptonPreconvolveSubtractTask the following configuration parameters were deprecated.

In WriteObjectTableTask, the configuration parameter engine was deprecated.

In AlardLuptonSubtractTask and AlardLuptonPreconvolveSubtractTask the connection finalizedPsfApCorrCatalog was deprecated.

In ForcedPhotCcdTask and ForcedPhotCcdFromDataFrameTask, MakeWarpTask MatchedBaseTask, DetectorMeasurementTask, WriteRecalibratedSourceTableTask the following connections were deprecated:

Deprecated task configurations

Configurations in SkyCorrectionTask that will be removed (see [RFC-898] for further details):

  • bgModel: Use bgModel1 instead

  • doBgModel

  • doBgModel1

The doPsfMatch in CoaddBaseTask is no longer used.

In lsst.cp.pipe.ptc.cpExtractPtcTask the following configurations have been moved to cpSolvePtcTask and will be removed:

  • minMeanSignal

  • maxMeanSignal

In InsertFakesTask:

  • raColName: Use ra_col instead

  • decColName: Use dec_col instead

  • diskHLR, aDisk, bDisk, paDisk: Use disk_semimajor_col, disk_axis_ratio_col, and disk_pa_col to specify disk half-light ellipse

  • nDisk: Use disk_n instead.

  • bulgeHLR, bulge_pa_col, aBulge, bBulge, paBulge: Use bulge_semimajor_col, bulge_axis_ratio_col, and to specify disk half-light ellipse

  • nBulge: Use bulge_n instead

  • magVar: Use mag_col instead

  • sourceSelectionColName: Use select_col instead

In LinearitySolveTask the configurations photodiodeIntegrationMethod and photodiodeCurrentScale have been moved to cpExtractPtcTask.

In PipelineTaskConfig the configuration saveMetadata is deprecated.