lsst-utils 27.0.0 (2024-05-28)

Now requires Python 3.10 or newer.

New Features

  • Allow for skipping files in ImportTestCase using SKIP_FILES class variable. (DM-40817)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed inheritDoc to insert newlines between the parent and child docstrings and also correct for indentation differences. (DM-22287)

  • Fixed a race condition in Singleton that could cause more than one instance of a class to be created if two threads concurrently attempted to create the instance. (DM-42317)

Miscellaneous Changes of Minor Interest

  • Export type aliases for LSST log adapters for use in downstream static typing. (DM-40441)

  • Changed how Conda package versions are discovered, resulting in a 10x speed up. No longer uses conda list. (DM-40803)

  • Use packages_distributions() from importlib.metadata to get mapping from import name to distribution name. (DM-42391)

lsst-utils v26.0.0 (2023-09-22)

This release no longer works with Python 3.8.

New Features

  • Now works with Python 3.11. Python 3.11 now ensures that the stacklevel parameter for logging methods is now consistent independent of how many method calls are involved internally. (DM-37987)

  • Added lsst.utils.tests.ImportTestCase class. This test case can be used to force the import of every file in a package. This can be very useful for spotting obvious problems if a package does not export every file by default. (DM-35901)

  • Added a utility function, calculate_safe_plotting_limits, located in lsst.utils.plotting.limits, for calculating plotting limits for data with large outliers. (DM-38386)

  • MemoryTestCase now can accept an “ignore” list of regexps that match acceptable open files. (DM-38764)

  • Adds an alternative way of interacting with calculate_safe_plotting_limits().

    This change adds a factory interface, such that one can use the function to accumulate the safe plotting limits over many different data series without having them all in-hand, by using the make_calculate_safe_plotting_limits() function to return a calculate_safe_plotting_limits() which will return the common limits after the addition of each new data series. The original behaviour remains unchanged. (DM-38900)

  • Added lsst.utils.introspection.find_outside_stacklevel. This function can be used to calculate the stack level that should be passed to warnings and log messages in order to make them look like they came from the line outside the specified package in user code. (DM-39628)

  • Update the interface to lsst.utils.introspection.find_outside_stacklevel to allow multiple modules to be skipped in the hierarchy and also specify that some methods and modules should not be skipped. (DM-40032)

  • Added the ability for find_outside_stacklevel to return additional information about the matching stack to the caller. This allows, for example, the filename and lineno to be reported without the caller making another call to inspect.stack() or calling get_caller_name. (DM-40367)

  • Added the lsst.utils.db_auth.DbAuth class that has been relocated from daf_butler. (DM-40462)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed time_this when mem_usage=True to prevent memory statistics being gathered when the log message would not be issued. We had been trapping this on the exit to the context manager but not entry for the initial memory statistics gathering. (DM-38587)

  • Updated the python version handling such that it is no longer a failure for the python package version to disagree with the .version property of that package. The package version is now used in preference if there is a disagreement. (DM-38665)

Miscellaneous Changes of Minor Interest

  • Modified the code that determines the versions of Python packages so that it now uses importlib.metadata. This is slightly slower than accessing __version__ but does give more consistent results. (DM-38812)

  • Improved the performance of lsst.utils.packages.getPythonPackages() to use the namespace hierarchy so it now only needs to check as deep into the hierarchy as is needed to find a version. Additionally, the code no longer tries to extract versions from Python standard library packages. (DM-39402)

An API Removal or Deprecation

  • Dropped support for Python 3.8. (DM-35901)

    • Removed deprecated APIs from lsst.utils.logging.

    • Removed deprecated demangleType and backtrace that were forwarded from cpputils.

    • Removed cpputils from the EUPS table file. (DM-37534)

  • A Mypy workaround in the ellipsis module is not needed for Python 3.10 or newer. Importing lsst.utils.ellipsis in these Python versions will produce a DeprecationWarning. (DM-39410)

  • Removed deprecated lsst.utils.get_caller_name. Use lsst.utils.introspection. (DM-40032)

lsst-utils v25.0.0 (2023-02-17)

New Features

  • Added lsst.utils.timer.profile to allow code blocks to be profiled easily. (DM-35697)

Miscellaneous Changes of Minor Interest

  • Moved a module with a typing workaround for the built-in Ellipsis (...) singleton here, from daf_butler. (DM-36108)

  • Remove selected unit tests for memory reporting functions. (DM-36960)

lsst-utils v24.0.0 (2022-08-26)

New Features

  • Add option to ignore NaNs in lsst.utils.tests.assertFloatsAlmostEqual. (DM-29370)

  • Add test decorators to operate on cartesian product. (DM-31141)

    • Several new packages added from pipe_base and daf_butler:

      • lsst.utils.timer

      • lsst.utils.classes

      • lsst.utils.introspection

      • lsst.utils.iteration

      • lsst.utils.logging

    • Added lsst.utils.doImportType to import a python type from a string and guarantee it is not a module.

    • lsst.utils.get_caller_name is now deprecated in its current location and has been relocated to lsst.utils.introspection. (DM-31722)

  • Add lsst.utils.logging.trace_set_at to control TRACE-level loggers. (DM-32142)

  • Builds using setuptools now calculate versions from the Git repository, including the use of alpha releases for those associated with weekly tags. (DM-32408)

  • Context manager lsst.utils.timer.time_this can now include memory usage in its report. (DM-33331)

  • A new package lsst.utils.packages has been added to allow system package versions to be obtained. This code has been relocated from lsst.base. (DM-33403)

  • Add lsst.utils.threads for control of threads. Use lsst.utils.threads.disable_implicit_threading() to disable implicit threading. This function should be used in place of lsst.base.disableImplicitThreading() in all new code. This package now depends on the threadpoolctl package. (DM-33622)

  • Added a new class lsst.utils.logging.PeriodicLogger to allow a user to issue log messages after some time interval has elapsed. (DM-33919)

  • Added lsst.utils.logging.getTraceLogger to simplify the creation of a trace logger that uses a TRACEn prefix for the logger name. (DM-34208)

API Changes

  • The values for max resident set size stored in metadata are now consistently reported as bytes. Previously the units were platform specific (kibibytes on Liux and bytes on macOS). (DM-20970)

  • deprecate_pybind11 now requires a version parameter. This matches the upstream requirement from deprecated.deprecated (DM-29701)

  • Add parameter to getEnvironmentPackages to return all EUPS packages rather than just those that are locally setup. (DM-33934)

Performance Enhancement

lsst-utils v23.0.0 (2021-09-27)

  • Moved all C++ code out of this package and into cpputils package and changed license to BSD 3-clause. (DM-31721)

lsst-utils v22.0 (2021-07-09)

Bug fix

  • Error reporting in doImport has been improved. [DM-27638]

lsst-utils v21.0 (2020-12-08)

New Features

API Change