class lsst.daf.butler.ButlerConfig(other: str | ParseResult | ResourcePath | Path | Config | None = None, searchPaths: Sequence[str | ParseResult | ResourcePath | Path] | None = None, without_datastore: bool = False)

Bases: Config

Contains the configuration for a Butler.

The configuration is read and merged with default configurations for the particular classes. The defaults are read according to the rules outlined in ConfigSubset. Each component of the configuration associated with a configuration class reads its own defaults.

otherstr, Config, ButlerConfig, optional

Path to butler configuration YAML file or a directory containing a “butler.yaml” file. If None the butler will be configured based entirely on defaults read from the environment or from searchPaths. No defaults will be read if a ButlerConfig is supplied directly.

searchPathslist or tuple, optional

Explicit additional paths to search for defaults. They should be supplied in priority order. These paths have higher priority than those read from the environment in ConfigSubset.defaultSearchPaths(). They are only read if other refers to a configuration file or directory.

without_datastorebool, optional

If True remove the datastore configuration.

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get_butler_type() ButlerType