class lsst.ctrl.mpexec.TaskFactory

Bases: lsst.pipe.base.TaskFactory

Class instantiating PipelineTasks.

Methods Summary

makeTask(taskClass, label, config, …) Create new PipelineTask instance from its class.

Methods Documentation

makeTask(taskClass: type[PipelineTask], label: Optional[str], config: Optional[PipelineTaskConfig], overrides: Optional[ConfigOverrides], butler: Optional[Butler]) → PipelineTask

Create new PipelineTask instance from its class.

taskClass : type

PipelineTask class.

label : str or None

The label of the new task; if None then use taskClass._DefaultName.

config : pex.Config or None

Configuration object, if None then use task-defined configuration class to create new instance.

overrides : ConfigOverrides or None

Configuration overrides, this should contain all overrides to be applied to a default task config, including instrument-specific, obs-package specific, and possibly command-line overrides.

butler : lsst.daf.butler.Butler or None

Butler instance used to obtain initialization inputs for PipelineTasks. If None, some PipelineTasks will not be usable

Instance of a PipelineTask class or None on errors.
Any exceptions that are raised by PipelineTask constructor or its
configuration class are propagated back to caller.