lsst.meas.astrom.denormalizeMatches(matches, matchMeta=None)

Generate a denormalized Catalog of matches

matches : list of lsst.afw.table.ReferenceMatch

List of matches between reference catalog and source catalog.

matchMeta : lsst.daf.base.PropertyList

Matching metadata to write in catalog.

catalog : lsst.afw.table.BaseCatalog

Catalog containing matchlist entries.


This is intended for writing matches in a convenient way. Normally we write matches in a ‘normalized’ form: recording only the join table (reference ID, source ID) to minimise space (the reference and source catalogs should both be available separately, so the only extra information we need is how to join them). However, using that can be a pain, since it requires reading each catalog and doing the join.

This function generates a Catalog containing all the information in the matches. The reference catalog entries are in columns with ‘ref’ prepended, while the source catalog entries are in columns with ‘src’ prepended (including any alias mappings). The distance between the matches is in a column named “distance”.