lsst.meas.astrom.displayAstrometry(refCat=None, sourceCat=None, distortedCentroidKey=None, bbox=None, exposure=None, matches=None, frame=1, title='', pause=True)

Show an astrometry debug image.

refCat : lsst.afw.table.SimpleCatalog

reference object catalog; must have fields “centroid_x” an “centroid_y”

sourceCat : lsst.afw.table.SourceCatalg

source catalog; must have field “slot_Centroid_x” and “slot_Centroid_y”

distortedCentroidKey : lsst.afw.table.Key

key for sourceCat with field to use for distorted positions

exposure : lsst.afw.image.Exposure

exposure to display

bbox : lsst.geom.Box2I

bounding box of exposure; Used if the exposure is None

matches : list of lsst.afw.table.ReferenceMatch

List of matched objects

frame : int

frame number for display

title : str

title for display

pause : bool

pause for inspection of display? This is done by dropping into pdb.


  • reference objects in refCat are shown as red X
  • sources in sourceCat are shown as green +
  • distorted sources in sourceCat (position given by distortedCentroidKey) are shown as green o
  • matches are shown as a yellow circle around the source and a yellow line connecting the reference object and source
  • if both exposure and bbox are None, no image is displayed